The tezos XYZ is Really a Block-chain, linked to a digital bookstore known as Tez. They depend largely on evidence Tezbox export private key of stake mechanism. Even the tezos had a very successful initial coin that or ICO. Once you have your own tezos in your ico wallet it’s protected from theft. But If You Would like Tezos ico restore, sure things have to be followed:

The best way to restore your tezos From ico
First, It’s Necessary for You to keep Your own tezos protected in a pocket, like this, you need to use the Tezo ico wallet. You can find two keys to keep your pocket secure, that is people key along with the private secret. The private secret is really a really important aspect in the event that you prefer to recover your tezos from ico. The private key consists of a keyword that should lost would help it become extremely hard to recover your own Tez. So take extreme caution when you utilize your personal keywords. To renew your tezos from ico:

Visit your Tezbox site
Opt for renew from ico pocket
Enter seed phrase, password and email address

Tezbox will need a password to ensure that it can access your wallet, enter a Complicated password
Now You Get Your access to a ico wallet also you can regain your tezos
Where do I shop my tezos?
Your tezos could be stored For safekeeping in any Tezos web wallet. You can find a lot of wallets offered:
Ledger Nano X
Ledger nano X/T
Tez box pocket and much lot more.

Opt for the Ideal pocket To continue to keep your tezos protected. To keep your tezos secure in the pocket and also to stay charge of your tezos afterward preserving the private key safe is also very important. So as the tezos are secure in the Tezos pocket web, your personal keyshould likewise maintain a secure place where no body could possibly contact this.