If you have the following factors in mind, a simple search for Sash window repairs The Mornington Peninsula could land you in a reliable company.
Online reputation
Whatever company you are searching for, you have to check whether the company is believable and whether some customers are loving their services already. It would have been difficult to know the customer’s opinion in the past as there was no way to reach a large set of people and find the ones who had experience with such a company. However, now, you can contact thousands of people at once with the power of the internet. There would be several review websites and forums with the special purpose of talking about the services of these companies. So, you can easily get to know the reputation of the company.

Although a company has a better reputation, it is better to find another company if the former is a newbie to the industry. Newbie companies do not know the intricacies of the craft and you could not expect a high-quality finish for the service to your sliding doors. If you could not tolerate a single issue after the servicing of your doors, you should find some companies that have several years of experience in the process.
Let us assume that the professionals come to your home for the servicing of the sliding doors. If they make some mistakes and end up damaging your door as a whole, you could claim compensation if the company has insurance. When there is no insurance, you would have to pay for the renovation of the door.
Cleaning processes
Once the professionals are done with their jobs, they would leave your home with a lot of waste items. So, you should find a company that would clean them up for you.