OPEKEPE Payments (γιορτη σημερα) is indeed the Greek Payment Authority for your Common Agricultural Policy (C.A.P.) Assistance Devices. This is a private juvenile procedure and has been in the community assistance immediately after 2001. OPEKEPE Is Beneath the supervision of the Ministry of Rural Growth and Health.
· Conducting some sort of analysis related to the validity of compensation as well as the execution of those required procedures for your retrieval of these charged unlawfully or unduly, and also for the authorities of any civil great.
· Statistics compilation and advice to its planning of this cost of this Special Account to Agricultural item ensures, and additionally the investigation of their financial statements, the income claims, and also the analysis regarding the advancement.

· Suggestion for the dissemination of judgments and additionally for its usage of circulars and guidelines put out the specifics of this execution of the national agricultural applications in the circumstance of assurances, limitations, and also the necessity supporting documentation and, being the specific situation could possibly be, actions while in the home market and export. Legislation of the eu and also problems relating to coordination with other Departments and Facilities and Payment Organisations.
· Safe-guarding the records of confidence and also the compilation of assurances while in the form of currency such as the issuing of manufacture-export and before the-determination licenses, and the safeguarding of all such assurances as well as also their revelation or dismissal.
· Involvement from the execution of bank loan arrangements for the repayment of this distinct consideration for its security of agricultural goods, and in the execution of contracts for purchasing services to its government of this account alluded to preceding.
· Preparedness and conclusion of management structures allowed for at the form of regional and Nearby laws.

The Essential Job of OPECEP is to monitor and compensate Recipients in compliance with European and national rules. Almost 900,000 members get almost 3 billion general public subsidies per year. The receivers have been primarily growers and growers’ societies, manufacturing companies , agricultural potential buyers, processing companies, etc.. The Board of Managers of OPEKEPE Payments is comprised of 11 members. It’s headquartered in Athens and it has six national branch offices along with four district branches. You’ll find so 39 regional divisions in the tier of the Prefecture.